Auto i3D  

Auto i3D It is an engine that allows anyone to easily generate a 3D model based on live-action with just entering photos and videos.

Auto i3D

Auto i3D (Autoimmersive 3D) automatically generate realistic 3D objects by extracting feature points based on AI analysis. You can conveniently and smartly generate high-quality 3D objects from small objects to large buildings through input of 2D images or video, and high-quality lightweight funtion allow you to manage high-quality results at low storage costs.

Representative function

Automatic recognition of image/video

ust by opening a file like a normal program, Image information can be automatically converted into 3D objects without a separate file conversion.

High quality lightweight

Storage capacity can be compressed while maintaining 

the quality of existing 3D models. By adjusting the number at your disposal, it is possible to make it lightweight for the system environment.

Mesh mode 

The 3D model is made of a triangular mesh.
You can use it to edit 3D models or determine whether they are lightweight through mesh density.

Model stitching  

You can divide the whole into 3D models for each part or create 3D models with a larger size by connecting 3D models for each part.

Industries that it can be used in

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