It is a digital twin platform that helps you manage the site in an integrated manner, By implementing complex data into visual images.


AWAS-DT (AWAS-Digital Twin) is a platform, implementing management targets and places in 3D model and comprehensively visualizing analysis values and information of data from sensors and CCTVs. To provide comprehensive visualization, the technologies of Autoi3D, AWAS-Insight, and AWAS-XR are converged and implemented as visual data on the platform.

Auto i3D

Generating 3D model of real field


Sensor data analysis.


3D model authoring
and information visualization

Representative function

Expressing information through a 3D model

Through AI-based video analysis and sensor data linkage,
It expresses the event arisen in real field in real time, on the platform.  

Virtual simulation.

After Collecting data and diagnosing the condition virtually and predicts motions etc., It runs simulations through a 3D model.

Add/delete/write IoT sensors (authored maps)

You can directly add, delete, and edit sensors by type above the 3D model, and link real-time sensor data to the dashboard to use them for management control.

Visualization of management areas and 

managing of  information.

It visualizes some appearance and information to be managed. Regarding the replacement cycle or inspection cycle of the asset,
It provides notification function as well

Data Analysis Visualization

It Visualizes the analysis values of image/sensor data through AI. It detects actual changes and updates them on the platform.

Remote management support

It supports video call and message functions to enable remote safety checking/remote collaboration between workers on objects and places that are invisible to the eye.

Time series analysis of sensor data.

It visualizes sensor data analyzed over time and recognizes changes in condition and abnormal situations over time.

Supporting for portable devices

It supports the ability to manage the site with a portable device for each management point through deep learning video analysis such as displaying augmented reality data.

Example of a development platform.

Phase 1 Digital Twin Project for Daechung Dam 

- Establishment of a digital twin-based Daecheong Dam remote management system.
- Improving work productivity innovation through digital transformation of analog information

Digital twin framework with 

multi-dimensional high precision visualization

- Development of ultra-precision visualization technology of 0.5mm or   less in visible/non-visible areas

- Relieving restrictions on platform utilization through the Digital Twin   Universal Framework.

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