It is an analysis engine that analyzes field data received from various sensors such as 

CCTVs in real time based on AI.


AWAS-Insight automatically analyzes vast amounts of images and IoT sensor data collected in real time at the site. It can be used to identify various situations in an environment that requires real-time management, and supports accurate insights so that managers can respond quickly in emergencies.

Representative function

Vehicle recognition and traffic analysis

Real-time traffic, vehicles, and people can be recognized by screen area. It also supports vehicle type recognition functions such as motorcycles, trucks, buses, and cars.

Fire/Smoke recognition

It recognizes smoke and flames generated indoors or outdoors in real time

Wandering, abandonment, intrusion recognition

It detects objects and real time behavior in the virtual fence area And recognizes each result of roaming, abandonment, and intrusion

Illegal rides and recognition of the vulnerable

It can recognize illegal rides and It can distinguish between the weak person and ordinary person, determining whether they have wheelchairs or cane.       

Recognition of wearing equipment

In addition to identifying workers, it is possible to prevent accidents caused by insufficient equipment wearing by identifying whether safety equipment such as helmets and work clothes is worn in real-time.

Level detection

Changes in water levels and flooding can be recognized.
It can prevent drowning accidents by recognizing the intrusion of people and vehicles in the water area.

Face recognition

512 features of the face can be detected to recognize the face regardless of whether or not accessories such as masks and glasses are worn.

Falling down recognition

It distinguishes people from things and recognizes
the falling behavior of objects identified as people.
It can also recognize whether you are wearing a mask.


It consists of BASIC, Safety, and Smart Public licenses according to functional items. 

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