Along with AR/VR/MR experiential education and training content, it provides editing functions that allow users to arbitrarily modify the components of the content.


AWAS-XR (AWAS-eXtended Reality) has the job knowledge required of workers. It is AR/VR/MR education and training content configured to be experienced through virtual scenarios. It is also implemented with customization that allows users to modify  or add components and text inside the content in the way they want.

Representative function

Actual equipment linkage function

Interaction with equipment used in real jobs allows you to experience more realistic educational and training content.

Automatic result report

After completion of education and training, individual result reports and individual average integrated result reports are automatically generated and provided to users.

Location-based AR education and training

You can experience educational and training scenarios that express AR information on actual facilities using mobile devices and HoloLens.      

Contextual virtual scenario

You can learn situation-specific response manuals through scenarios assuming possible situations.

Customizing contents&scenario

Customization function allows you to modify, create, and manage contents and scenario like components, text, etc.
It also supports compatibility with external 3D production programs.

VR Metaverse education and training

If there are restrictions on space, VR education and training through virtual space can be conducted.

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