Total Product

STANS develops All-Cycle Technology 

to build a digital twin.

Auto i3D  Auto immersive 3D 

3D automatic generation engine, for rapidly making 3D model with reality.  

•  Real picture and video based

•  Quick automatic generation 3D from 2D

•  The Tool that anyone can use simply

AWAS - series   AI Worker Assistance Solution 


Digital twin All visualization platform

It helps you to manage field integrally, By implementing complex data into visual images.

AWAS - Insight     

Bigdata AI analysis engine

It analyses field data from diverse sensor like CCTV, etc. on real time, based on AI. 


AR/VR/MR Contents Creation/Authoring engine

It provides AR/VR/MR experimental education/training contents and the function that users can edit  elements in the contents by. 

Each products used integrally

Each products with All-cycle Technology of digital twin 
in STANS can be integrally used in a digital twin and 
a metaverse platform.

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